Why Crane Bins Is the Best Company for Skip Bin Hire

Why Crane Bins Is the Best Company for Skip Bin Hire

Wondering what skip bin company to choose for bin rentals in Melbourne? Most of the bin rental companies are good picks because we all help to keep our neighbourhoods clean and tidy and help a great deal when it comes to helping the environment by reducing pollution. But if you want the best of the best then you can certainly give Crane Bins a call. Our company is a leading bin rental company here in Melbourne and is the best pick for you because of the following reasons.

We Offer the Best Rates

You can rent our bins at remarkably affordable rates. Our rental rates are highly competitive and our quoted price is always our fixed price with o extra charges for excess weight. We also offer affordable extended rental packages if you need to use your bin for longer than anticipated.

We Recycle

One of the reasons we started this company is so we can help the environment by easing the recycling process for anyone that uses our services. All of our loads are taken to our facilities where they are sorted and prepped for recycling. When you rent a bin from Crane Bins your waste is automatically put through a recycling process without any extra effort to you.

You Can Save Money on Specific Loads

If your skip bin is loaded to the brim with recyclable trash then you can save a lot of money. We offer discounted rates on these loads because our company is part of the recycling industry.

We Service All Industries

You can rent a bin from us for any type of industry. Our bins can be dropped off at all types of sectors including residential, industrial and commercial sectors.

A Bin for Your Every Need

We offer a variety of bin types. You can hire a domestic bin for household use or for getting rid of general waste in and around your company. You can also request a building bin that you can use for disposing of building rubble, concrete, and soil. Our industrial bins are perfect for a variety of trash types in industrial and manufacturing regions.

You Can Get Free Fill Soil

Need to fill a gap in your backyard? Order your bin with some fill soil and get the soil you need, delivered to your location completely free of charge when you hire a bin.

A Variety of Bin Sizes Available

We have a huge variety of bin sizes available. You can hire something small for tiny clean-up projects or even request our walk-in bins that can be accessed by wheelbarrow for those big extensive clean-up and renovation projects

Rent Wheel Basis Along With Your Bin

We can drop your bin off any spot you want or you can order a skip bin with a wheelbase so you can move the bin around as you work. Our wheelbases are perfect for keeping construction sites perfectly clean.

You Will Enjoy the Best Service

At Crane Bins we strive to provide all of our customers with the best service. When you use our company you can count on continuous friendly and professional services at all times.

We Come Highly Recommended

Our company is a trusted and reliable company that has been servicing various Melbourne regions for quite some time. We come highly recommended and even offer lots of reviews that you can go and check out to find out exactly what our customers think of our superior services.

Hire Your Skip Bin Today

You just cannot go wrong when you rent your bin from a trustworthy and professional company like Crane Bins. Give our offices a call right now to get the skip bin you need delivered straight to your location in no time at all.