Skip Bins VS DIY Cleanup – Which Is Best

Thanks to the internet, there is just about nothing you cannot learn to do all on your own. Online tutorials on free sites like YouTube can help you become just about anything from a piano player to a construction worker.  But just because you can do something doesn’t always mean you should, and doesn’t always make the task easier.

many of us love a good DIY. It is great fun to repaint walls, revive old furniture or to repurpose old homeware into something completely new and exciting. Driving large loads of smelly trash to the tip yourself, isn’t quite so great. 

Site cleanup is one of those DIY-able tasks that you just don’t want to do yourself. Here is a quick run-down of the main differences between using a skip bin and cleaning your site all on your own.

How Does Skip Bin Hire Work?

With skip bin hire in Melbourne, you simply make a single call to arrange for your skip bin to be dropped off to any location you need it. You can choose from a wide range of bin sizes and you can rent your bin for as long as you need it. When your bin is full, our skip hire company will come with our big trucks, remove the bin for you and empty it at the right landfill without you having to lift a finger.


  1. Surprisingly affordable rates
  2. Quick bin delivery
  3. Rent your bin as long as you need
  4. Hire any size bin to suit your rubbish removal need
  5. One call is all you need to get your bin
  6. Get your heavy bin dropped off at the exact spot you want
  7. Fill your bin with any type of rubbish you want
  8. Bin emptying services included in the price
  9. We recycle your rubbish for you
  10. You help keep the environment clean without much effort
  11. Get free fill soil dropped off with your bin
  12. Save loads of time on trips to landfills
  13. Avoid smelly and messy landfills


  1. You need to pay a small bin rental rate
  2. A small extra fee might be charged for certain goods such as a mattress
  3. A small extra rate is charged for an extended bin rental

How Does DIY Site Clearing Work?

The whole idea of DIY site cleanups is to save money, right? If you don’t have a trailer or a ute then it is time to call up a friend to borrow or rent theirs. Now you need to fill up that tiny trailer with trash, drive out to smelly landfills, empty it yourself and drive back home. And repeat this step for several trips until your property is finally nice and clean.


  1. You get the satisfaction of doing the project all on your own
  2. You make your friend happy by renting his trailer


  1. You end up spending more on rubbish removal because of the trailer rental rate and the fuel you drive out on multiple trips to the landfills
  2. You need to make several stops at smelly landfills
  3. You need to get your hands dirty unloading all of that trash
  4. You need to sort your own recyclable waste
  5. It takes a lot of time to drive back and forth to landfills
  6. You contribute to pollution by driving so many trips
  7. You need to drop the trailer off at your friend’s house when you are done
  8. Your friend is angry because you damaged his trailer
  9. Your friend charges you for trailer repairs and maintenance

Final Verdict

When you consider all the pros and cons of hiring a skip bin compared to doing your own site cleaning then it becomes clear that hiring a bin is a much better solution. Save yourself the agony, hard work, and foul smells and give Crane Bins a call right now so you can book your bin.