The DON’Ts Skip Bin Hiring In Melbourne

So your home is completely covered from head to toe in waste. You’re ready to get your hands dirty and begin the cleaning process, and step one is hiring a skip bin. You might have read this before in a previous blog where we discussed the Do’s of hiring a skip bin. This time, we are looking at the Don’ts of skip bin hire in Melbourne.

DON’T Hire The Wrong Sized Skip Bin

Too many people either overestimate or underestimate the amount of rubbish they have at their homes. This leads to the classic problem of hiring a skip that is the wrong size. It is either too large or too small to carry the waste. When this happens, expect to spend time and money. Carefully look at the amount of waste you have and the type so that you can make a sound decision. Speaking to a professional about the volume of your waste will help with your decision making.

DON’T Hire A Skip Bin Without Easy Access

Can the skip bin fit into the space that you’ve left for it? Too many homeowners don’t leave enough space to access the skip bin quickly. They find themselves stuck or struggling to get their waste into the skip bin, which will cause plenty of problems. One of them, which is…

DON’T Hire A Skip Bin For Super Short Period Of Time

Following on from point one (regarding the amount of waste you have) and point two (getting easy access) always give yourself ample time to remove your waste. People tend to hire skip bins for a super short period and find themselves unable to fill it all up in the given time. Therefore they are forced to spend more money on keeping it. Assess the amount of time you’ll need for removing your waste and add a little more in case you need it.

DON’T Hire Old Cheap Skip Bins

When you speak to a professional about hiring a skip bin, make sure that you see the skip bin that you’re hiring. The last thing you want is to get an old cheap skip bin that has been reused thousands of times, and it breaks down. Avoid going for the cheap “alternatives” for skip bins as in the long run; you’ll waste plenty of money and time. Go to a professional where you are going to get the best value for your dollar.

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The DO’s Of Skip Bin Hiring In Melbourne

Your home is loaded with waste and you’re ready to get rid of it. Before you hire a skip bin, there are a few basic but critically important things you need to know. To make things easier for you, we have created this blog post about the important “DO’s” of hiring a skip bin.

DO Ensure That You Have The Right Size For Your Waste

There is nothing worse than paying extra money for a skip bin that barely fills up. Or, hiring a skip bin and finding that you’re going to need another one to cover the amount of waste you have. Deciding on the size of your skip bin is vital when it comes to managing your waste. Estimate how much rubbish you have, as well as the type of rubbish (for example: green waste might seem like it takes up a lot of room, but you can break it down so it doesn’t). You should speak to a professional that can help you with your skip bin selection. They will help make your job easier.

DO Understand If Your Waste Is Recyclable

Professionals like Crane Bins Skip Bin Hire, are proudly proactive when it comes to recycling waste. So you have to make sure that the waste that you provide us will be able to be recycled. There is a vast array of wastes (household, green, e-waste are just a few of the common ones) and each piece has to be disposed of differently. Laws and regulations with landfills mean they will cope penalties if they try to incorrect dispose rubbish. Once again, if you are unsure about the type of waste you have, speak to a professional.

DO Decide How Long You Need It For

Can all the rubbish be removed in a day? A week? A month? Whatever your timeframe is, always know how long you are going to keep the skip bin for. This is essential when it comes to managing your budget, as well as your time. This will also provide the professional with a good idea on how long you will keep the skip bin for. The longer you keep it, the more it is going to cost you, so think ahead about how you plan to remove your rubbish.

DO Contact A Professional For Help

As we mentioned above: if you are unsure about managing your waste with skip bins, then speak to a professional. Contacting to a skip bin hire professional that services Melbourne, like Crane Bins, will provide you with all the vital information that you need for your little project. With a large selection of skip bins, professional experience, and a friendly team, we will deliver the complete service for you.