Loading up your Skip Bin

Loading up your Skip Bin

So you have hired a skip bin for a couple of days to clean out all the rubbish that you’ve collected in your home. How do you go about it? Well, we have got a few useful tips for you when it comes to loading up your skip bin.

  • Pack the bin carefully and take your time. There is no need to rush things. You’ll end loading things the wrong way and reducing the space you need.

  • Try to leave no “airspace” between rubbish. You want to utilise all the space you have.

  • Beware of the skip bin limit. All bins have limits on how much you can put in. Keep in mind the limit and do not overflow it. Either the professionals won’t take it from you or, worst, it could flying off during transport.

  • The limit is considered the “top line”; anything about it, is considered overflowed.

  • Always lay out flat object (like tables) first before placing heavier items on top. This will help use the space you have.

  • When you can: break down objects and products. Why throw in a old table when you can break off its legs, and use it wisely? The same applies to natural elements like trees. Cut down the branches, instead of putting in the whole tree.

  • Always try to get the skip bin on your property, as opposed to it being on the sidewalk or the road. This means that the skip bin is exclusively yours and neighbours won’t use it to dispose of their products.

  • When it comes to recyclable materials, don’t waste it on your skip bin. Local councils might do it for free. Speak to them to see if they can collect yours, leaving your skip bin for your rubbish.

With these tips, you will be able to maximise the amount of space you have for your skip bin and use it wisely. Follow these tips and you will end up with a clean up and a quick rubbish removal process.