How to Spring Clean Your House in a Day

It is Spring-cleaning season! Time to roll up your sleeves, grab your rubber gloves and get to work. Early Spring is the best time to give your house a deep clean. 

When it comes to household (and garden) pests, Wintertime is when they will seek out spots around your house to hibernate. With a proper clean, you can flush out all of these creatures, dust, and other bacteria so you can step into spring with a clean and healthy home. This is also a great season for deep-cleaning because you finally get to wash and put away all of that winter linen so you can make room for some fresh spring bedding. 

All of this might seem like hard work but if you jump in headfirst with all of the following tips then you can give your entire house a deep clean in a single day. Yes, just one single day of hard work is all it takes to get your home revamped, organised and refreshed!

1. Start by Hiring A Skip Bin

If you want to get everything done in a single day then a skip bin is an absolute must. With all the cleaning you will be doing today, there will be just no time to drive to the landfills multiple times. 

Crane Bins in Melbourne offers a variety of bin sizes to choose from. Our mini or small bins should be sufficient for home clean-up projects. We can drop the skip bin off at your home early in the morning so you can get to work on your clean-up project. Dump any household trash or items you don’t want anymore in your skip bin.

2. Eat a Good Meal Before You Start

It is best to get to work on a full tummy. Grab a healthy breakfast so you can have the needed energy to sparkle and shine today. This might be a good time to also prep a few snacks or lunch so you won’t have to take too much work off your spring-cleaning challenge.

3. Start With Laundry

Laundry is always a good place to start since your washing machine will take quite a while to finish piles. Start by collecting EVERYTHING in the house you need to wash, sort your piles and load that first pile in the machine right now.

4. Choose Your Weapons

Before you start cleaning, grab a basket or bucket and collect all the cleaning supplies and tools you will need. It is always a hassle to have to run between rooms to get everything you need. Put on your gloves, get a bucket with water, grab that vacuum cleaner and set out on your mission.

5. Start at the Back and Take On Room by Room

Tackle your home room by room and clean it from top to bottom. It is always best to start with dusting everything in the room. Now that you have dusted, it is time to organise and get everything neat and tidy. Kick out any trash or old and broken items such as toys, furniture or worn out clothes and bedding by banishing them to your skip bin!

Finally, give the room a good vacuum and yes, you do need to wash those windows while you are in there. Remember to shut each door when you finish so dust won’t seep back into the room.   

6. Don’t Forget Your Washing

If, like many, you’ve been harbouring your Spring / Summer wardrobe at the back of your closet or in storage, now is the time to give everything a wash before the clothing becomes part of your everyday wear again. As soon as one wash cycle is over, make sure to reload the second cycle soon after. When multitasking – this is the task that can get forgotten!

7. Time for the Big Toss-Out 

Toss everything you haven’t used in a year out of each room you clean. Items in decent condition can be put in a pile for donations whereas everything else can go straight in the trash. When you are finished with your house, it should be decluttered, organised and trash free. Your skip bin by now will likely be quite full.  

When your skip bin is full, give your local skip bin supplier a call and we will be there soon to empty your skip bin for you. Your home will be tidy, clean and trash-free in no time!

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