Choosing The Skip Bin You Need

The Questions You Need to Answer For your Skip Bin Hire

You are probably wondering what type of skin bin you need for your rubbish removal job that you currently have to complete. Well, if you answer these four vital questions, you can get the perfect skip bin for your job.

What type of waste are you looking to remove?

This is very important has different types of rubbish weight differently, and might require a different skip bin. Take a look at the type of waste you need to remove (hard rubbish, green, liquid, recycling and so forth) and speak to us before making sure you know what our bins can take.

What size of skip bin do you need?

Similar to the type of waste you are removing. If you get a skip bin that is too small, you’ll need up making multiple trips to remove it and end up wasting money and time on it. The best advice is to take a rough estimate of the volume of how much rubbish you have and decide from there. Always aim for a little larger just in case you need it.

How long do you need the skip bin for?

Remember that when hiring a skip bin, you’re on a time limit. There is no point ordering a bin for 5 days if you only need it for you two. Same applies in the opposite manner: don’t order it for a day if you need more than that. Estimate the volume and think how long it will take you to remove all the rubbish from you house. Think about adding a day extra just in case you need it.

Do you want our team to help you with it?

We can always provide you with our team members to help you remove all your rubbish. This means you will take a backseat as we drop off the skip bin, remove the rubbish and take it with us on our way. The option is down to you. If you are after a stress-free clean up service, this could be it.